Skate retrospect 2008-11

I've been watching Roger skate since we met in '06. It was actually one of the things that attracted me to him back then. We have so many memories that include skateboarding and it has always just been something to do. Here's to many more years of skating and many more photos!


Thoughts from Class

Prof. Roth said that sometimes we realize our true intentions for the photographs we take days, years, or decades later. I have seen this personally in my work. I have not discovered the meaning behind most of my photographs yet. Its as if subconsciously we know and understand more but subdue these hidden emotions until we are mentally ready to deal with them. Its as if we are somehow divided from what we create and why we do it, a division of our creative and logical selves.

The creative part of us would be the part that has found a sudden obsession with photographing lines. This creative side of you doesn't wait for its slower counterpart (logic) to catch up and acts almost on impulse. The logical does however have its place within creativity. It can act as a translator and gives greater meaning to the created thing. For example you find a beautiful old coin. If someone were to translate to you that this coin is very rare it would give the coin a different meaning, it would be beautiful and have a nice price value. In a different case if someone were to explain to you that this coin was the only belonging left from someone who passed away it would become beautiful and have sentimental value to those who knew the person. In this way we can see how words influence created things or anything in that matter. If you title splats of paint on a canvas "diversity" the viewer will view the piece differently than if it were, for example, titled "field of flowers."

The other side of this analysis is when logic comes in first and then is intentionally manifested through doing something creative. Examples would be something you discovered while soul searching that you have a need to express be it through writing, music, or art. If you're not the creative type you might mark this point in life through a celebration of some sorts. Whether the process starts from a creative or logical point it leads to the other and can be a never ending cycle where you need to say more from the logical or creative side and can take you deeper and deeper in discovering whatever it is you're discovering.

I suppose my conclusion to this is to allow yourself to create. To not be afraid of digging deeper into something that sparks your interest, and to not be to worried about not being able to explain yourself at the moment.


Year Two

Here is some of my new work on display this month at the Brick Wall Photographic Gallery. 
The visual equation of place and person is established through the dynamics of a young marriage. 
In my work I display the connections we make through the environments we encounter. These 
environments create identity in the partners as the events shape and grow the relationship 
by building it up or tearing it down.

Still I Search

The Worst Way

While you were Away